Things I Think We Learned: CFB Week 5

We’re now five weeks into the college football season—which is hard to believe in and of itself—and I still don’t think we know all there is to know about it yet. I’m still not sure who’s going to make the playoff, who’s going to win their conference, and who is going to hire Urban Meyer when this whole Jacksonville fiasco comes to a head in week 14 of the NFL season. What I do think we learned:

– Alright, alright, fine. Arkansas isn’t ready for the big time yet. I said last week this game and team had a very one-year-away feel to it, and I was right. They just had no answer for the Dawgs. Shakes up things in the SEC West for sure. I think it’s between Auburn, Arkansas and Ole Miss for second in that division, barring a miracle. What order? I don’t know.

– Speaking of Ole Miss, enough with the popcorn thing already. They came into Tuscaloosa, looked good for about a drive, and then dug a hole they never could get out of. So this week’s matchup with Arkansas looks more like a battle of two teams on the cusp of good things than two teams ready to take the top step of the division.

– Stanford is single-handedly ruining seasons, both those of other teams—and it’s own conference’s postseason hopes. It was a questionable game in terms of officiating, but oh well.

– And that stinks for Oregon. I think they could’ve been a fun playoff team. It’s hard not to like the Ducks. It also makes Ohio State look more suspect.

– UGA looks good, but I’m still concerned with QB play. Stetson Bennett has the guts and swagger they need, but can he take them to the top? JT Daniels has the talent to be a top-shelf quarterback, but he never gets on the field. If Georgia seriously wants to end their 41-year championship drought, they need to figure this out ASAP.

– The wheels have fallen off at Texas A&M, and Mississippi State may have bought Mike Leach a little more time with that win. Consequently, how much more time does Jimbo Fisher get? I think he gets a pass this year because of injuries, but a bad loss to Alabama this week (and it’s coming), Auburn, and any other West school, and the heat may get turned up.

– I was wrong about Clemson. I really thought they’d lose to Georgia, then not again. Things do not look as hopeful on the lake as they once did, and I think they may have another loss or two in them before the season is over.

– I knew NC State would be tough, and I’m really annoyed with them for losing to Mississippi State now. They look very much like an ACC Championship-caliber team, and could have been pushing for a playoff bid had they not dropped that one. It also makes Mississippi State look good.

– I also think you should keep an eye on Wake Forest. The Demon Deacons are sneaky good and showed a lot of resilience in their win over Louisville. They’ve got a trap game against Army in two weeks, and the back half of their schedule is brutal as far as the ACC goes. If they can come out of it with more wins than losses, they could be looking at an ACC championship game appearance.

– Speaking of Army, don’t look now, but the Black Knights have a chance to run the table. The squad is 5-0, and depending how the Wake Forest game goes, the showdown with Navy at the end of the season could have huge implications.

– Auburn looked really good in the win against LSU, and LSU looked pretty not good. Max Johnson is a gamer, but they can’t run the ball and look sluggish on defense. Will and Matt may be right: this may be it for Orgeron if things don’t get better soon. Bo Nix looked as good as he ever has, and it appears Bryan Harsin’s approach may be exactly the culture change that program needed. I think they can beat Georgia Saturday, but it just depends on what Auburn team shows up.

That’s what I think anyway. What about you?

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