Meet the Guys

Here are the deranged souls…I mean, sports experts that make up The Message Pitch.

Will Bio Pic
This is the guy most likely to get us canned.

Name: Will

Position at The Message Pitch: co-host, chief Branding Officer

Favorite Player: Curt Schilling/ Dan Marino

Best Memory as a Fan: Dave Roberts The Steal

Best Memory as a Player: winning intramural championship in same game where I tore ankle ligaments. Still finished the game.

Walkout Music: Howl by Gaslight Anthem./ Who Dat by J. Cole

Worst Heartbreak as a Fan: Boone HR/ Kick 6/ Marino no ring

Worst Heartbreak as a Player:

Favorite Movie: Warrior

Favorite Band: Gaslight Anthem

Favorite TV Show: Community

Best Movie to Quote: The Sandlot or almost any classic Will Ferrell Movie

Matt Chance
Native Philadelphian Matt at the signing of the Declaration of Independence, probably.

Name: Matt Chance

Favorite Player: Brian Dawkins

Best Memory as a Fan: Watching the Eagles win the SB with my family.

Best memory as a player: Leading the Freshman team to a win over our varsity team Mighty Ducks 3 style in a preseason scrimmage in soccer.

Walkout Music: “Good Morning”- Chamillionaire.

Worst Heartbreak as a fan: Losing to the Yankees in the 09 WS

Worst Heartbreak as a player: Losing our final home soccer game as a Senior that would have sent us to the playoffs. My final ever organized soccer game. Still stings.

Favorite Movie: The Town

Favorite Band: Blink-182.

Favorite TV Show: The Office

Best movie to quote: Tombstone

Drew close up
After being caught shamelessly oogling an old pickup truck, this was Drew’s only response.

Name: Drew

Favorite Player: Ricky Rudd

Best Memory as a Fan: 2012 Stanley Cup Final.

Best memory as a player: Winning an elusive intramural softball championship in college. We were so bad for so long.

Walkout Music: “Sweetness” by Jimmy Eat World

Worst Heartbreak as a fan: 2017 World Series. It took them seven games to beat the Dodgers, and they knew everything that was coming.

Worst Heartbreak as a player: We seemed destined to win the aforemnetioned softball championship about four years earlier…and then a team made up of players Billy Beane wouldn’t touch almost threw a perfect game against us. In slowpitch softball. I don’t think we won another game that season.

Favorite Movie: “El Dorado”

Favorite Band: CCR, Gaslight, Tom Petty, or the Explosions in the Sky. No, I can’t pick just one.

Favorite TV Show: Community or Psych. Magnum P.I. and the Rockford Files are up there too.

Best movie to quote: Tombstone or Tropic Thunder.