sad phiidelphia fan

Why Eagles Why?

By Matt Chance

(Editor’s note: This was written on Oct. 21. It has been posted to show the ups and downs of being a diehard fan.)

A common remedy for a bad hangover is Pedialyte and Ibuprofen. Throw in a banana for good measure. The Philadelphia Eagles partied too hard after their Super Bowl in 2017 and are needing their stomach pumped and an IV.

The debacle I witnessed on Sunday Night Football in Dallas is unforgivable. On national television against your biggest rival and you come out flatter than a crepe from IHOP. This team looks like a shell of its former self. Their swagger is gone and replaced with mass confusion and finger pointing. Dallas is not 30 points better than you. Not even close. They lost to the Jets for crying out loud.

They say some people just can’t handle success. These Eagles are Exhibit A. They continue to live in the past and try to replicate their success from 2017. That party is over. Turn out the lights. Time to grow up and move on, Van Wilder. Teams have adjusted and its your turn to counter.

I bought the hype and Wells Fargo just called to let me know I’m a victim of fraud. Doug Pederson looks completely lost. He’s gone from riverboat gambler to someone in need of a life raft. For someone who likes to guarantee wins, his play calling reflects someone with little confidence.

Speaking of confidence, how you feeling about the Eagles decision to lock down Wentz long term? I haven’t seen someone’s stock fall quicker since Enron. Wentz is not their biggest problem, but he’s supposed to be part of the solution. Aaron Rodgers has done more with less. The same can be said for Russell Wilson. Franchise quarterbacks elevate the talent around them. Wentz has somehow made the talent around him worse. Nick Foles rallied with this group and brought home a Super Bowl and nearly got them back again. Do you think Nick will take us back? Name your price, Jaguars.

In all seriousness, I still believe in Wentz but he just seems to have never recovered from his knee injury. He needs to do some serious soul searching as does the rest of the Eagles offense.

This year’s receiving corps couldn’t catch the measles if their parents were anti-vaxxers.

The offensive line has more holes than Pebble Beach.

Don’t get me started on the defense.

The secondary is more like a fifthondary. If you can run a 4.7 40 then you can outrun any Eagles defender. I understand there have been injuries, but this is on Howie Roseman for completely overrating the talent in his DB’s.

You know what helps mitigate a porous secondary? A pass rush. The Eagles can do that….when Luke Falk is playing QB. Someone please let me know if you have seen Brandon Graham or Fletcher Cox. They usually have already shown up by this time of year.

 I can go on and on but I’ve vented enough. This team doesn’t need to hear this from a 31-year-old arm chair quarterback. They know they have under performed. The good news is this race is not over. Far from it. The Giants and Redskins got an early checkout. Dallas has a history of blowing it and the Eagles relish the underdog role. Maybe they have them where they want them but adjustments mentally and tactically must be made. I still believe in the talent in that locker room.

If we’re going to crash this years party, the time is now. So grit your teeth, cue the Rocky theme and right this ship. FLY EAGLES FLY

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