playing frisbee

Getting Rec’d

By Matt Chance

Like the Springsteen classic reminds us, “Glory days, they’ll pass you by.” The abrupt end of organized competition in our youth leaves a void in our lives that we look to fill in our local recreational sports leagues. What kind of competitor are you? Perhaps you can identify with or know one of the following personalities that we have consistently encountered over the years in our own leagues:

“The McEnroe” – YOU CAN NOT BE SERIOUS!!! Every call the ref makes is a conspiracy against you. It doesn’t matter you run a 7.4 40. You beat that throw out. The League Manager has this guy’s email messages directed to his junk mail.

“The Garcia” – You are a contributor to your team but your real time to shine comes in the bar games afterwards. So what beer specials we got tonight?

“The Time Keeper” – You’re really just a roster filler but that won’t stop you from telling the productive members of your team that they have been on the field for the past 7 minutes and that they’re not the only ones who paid the $55 registration fee. Winning is not the objective. Time for a sub.

“The Rocker” – You’re not out there to make friends. You scream your obscenities in frustration. Your tryout with the local Arena 2 league did not go as planned so you’re about to take it out on the young adult fellowship group that thought it would be fun to put a team together.

“The Team Mom” – No, your contributions don’t always show up on the scoreboard but who else knows what field we are playing on tonight? No one. Thats who. You the real MVP.

Let us know your personality or come up with your own. Also, what is your best or worst rec league or intramural experience? We’ll read the best ones on our next podcast!

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