When All This is Over….What Will You Do?

As the 80’s sensation Cinderella eloquently put, “you don’t know what you got until its gone. “Being in quarantine for just over almost 2 months you find the things you miss and maybe took for granted and you evaluate the things you have yet to experience and accomplish. I would go over my character limit if I listed all my actions I plan on taking once this pandemic is behind us. However, these below will be among the first to check off once this house arrest…I mean stay at home order is lifted.

  1. Get a haircut- Those of you that know me know I grow facial hair in the 6th grade division. I’ve accepted I’m a baby face and this is the way its gonna be. I will never be Sam Elliot. However, I have a thick set of hair on my noggin that grows faster than the weeds you just pulled up Saturday in your front yard. Its been almost 2 months since I checked in at Sports Clips and I already need a tune up. Unfortunately, that isn’t happening anytime soon. Looks like I’m gonna look like Jim Halpert or a teenage heart throb by the time this is all over.
  2. Go to Vegas- Im not even a big gambler. I’m pretty frugal, actually. I won’t order DoorDash unless the delivery fee is free. I do, however, want to tour the strip, catch a few shows, maybe attend a Golden Knights or Raiders game and cash in on a complimentary buffet. Sin city, I’m coming for you.
  3. Explore my new city- I lived in San Antonio 5 years and visited countless times after I moved away. I have still never been at the top of the Tower of Americas. There’s a restaurant at the top. I don’t even know if the food is good. Im sure its overpriced but I want to see for myself. There’s also a bar across from the Alamo called the Manger Bar & Hotel where Teddy Roosevelt recruited his Rough Riders. Its also supposedly haunted. So much history in this city and I am looking forward to getting reacclimated with it.
  4. Run a 5K- Running is not my favorite. However, it has probably kept my sanity through this whole crisis. I’ve gone 50 miles in the past 2 months and I do feel lighter on my feet because of it. Time to see how this stallion stacks up against the other show ponies.
  5. Join a soccer league- I haven’t played in an organized league in over 2 years. Moving to San Antonio I was excited to get back into playing shape and finding a good over 30 league to turn back the clock in. Looks like I’ll have to wait a little longer. That first game back though I may go full Brian Dawkins “Weapon X” mode and rip someones head off. Can’t cage this animal too long. 
  6. Going to a restaurant- I don’t eat out often but I absolutely can’t wait to order food at a bar, drinking a whiteclaw(shut up…they’re delicious) and watch a televised sport and tell Cowboys fans that “Dem Boyz” may have CeeDee Lamb but they still won’t Cee-Dee playoffs. 

It may take a little longer than we were hoping but better days are ahead.
What are you most looking forward to doing once we return to a form of normalcy?

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