A Few Words from Us

We know, we know. We’ve been on hiatus longer than blink-182 was. And you’re wondering the same thing as you did when that other favorite trio of yours released Neighborhoods:

Are they still going to be any good?

We think so; we’ve only had life changes, no major creative differences. Matt’s swapped jobs and cities, Will’s taken on more responsibilities while dealing with the hardships of being laid off during the pandemic, and my own work life has ramped up during the pandemic to the point that this site and the podcast have merely been dreams of a better time.

But we all know that you make time for the things you want to make time for, and with the energy and drive and support we saw when we started this thing, we felt like letting this thing dry up was a bigger waste of potential than the AAF.

We’ve heard the jokes, too. We know the running gag about the next Willis Alan Ramsey album coming out before the next The Message Pitch podcast dropping, and we have heard from our guests about not releasing our footage of podcasts we’ve done with them on it.

It’s not because we’re lazy; it’s because, like most of you, we never saw the events of the last 15 months coming. We didn’t prepare to have the world change like it has, and it’s taken us a while to adapt. 

But we have adapted. We will continue the podcast going forward, and we will continue to write for the site. The podcast may have a different look every now and then (one of us may not be on an episode on a given night, or we may have a guest that we interview, or a guest to talk about whatever given topic) but we are back. And we’re here to stay. 

So thanks for being patient. We figured football season was as good a time as any to return, and we hope you enjoy our previews of the college and NFL seasons coming out soon. 

Oh, and we’re editing an evergreen video we did on the best sports movies of all time that we’ll drop on the site and our YouTube channel. We’re also updating the site to give it a more professional feel, but more on that later.

Thanks for sticking with us. It’s good to be back.


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