Will’s Weekend Thoughts (Which Are Better than Drew’s…)

I don’t know about you guys, but I basically sat in front of my TV Saturday and watched football all day. It was glorious. Here are some of my thoughts:

  • LSUhOh- lump it Drew, was I right about LSU or what? This team did not look good.
  • The Clemson Conundrum- Are they done? Doubt it. I don’t think the sky is falling yet, but if the o-line can’t sort itself out, things could get rough for the Tigers.
  • Georgia Offense(ive) – this game was ugly, I know UGA was missing weapons at wideout but this looks like the same offense they’ve had since Kirby came to town. Are they for real? When/if does this offense pick up?
  • That McKenzie Milton Moment – After one of the nastiest leg injuries I’ve seen in my lifetime, the fact he’s able to walk again is incredible. The fact that he was able to go and play so well and get that opportunity to play the game he loves so much makes this game so special and will go down as one the best stories of the year.
  • Bama QB Factory?!?! – That sounds weird just saying, but Bryce Young looks good—real good.
  • ACCya Next Year – ACC did not look good. All of the conference’s ranked “top dawgs” looked anemic on offense.
  • What Happens First? – Every year/off-season we hear about the “revamped” UGA offense and the “new” Oklahoma defense. So far it doesn’t look like anything has changed for either program. OU can create turnovers when they want (see the second quarter of the Tulane game) but then look lost other times. (See the other theee quarters).
  • Speaking of “New Defenses” how about Ole Miss?!? They looked really impressive. My only question is, was it more the Ole Miss defense or the Louisville Offense? Selfishly I hope it was Louisville’s offense because I want to see Oklahoma and Ole Miss play an 83-76 shootout in a bowl game this year.
  • Missed Sponsorship – Target missed a Golden opportunity last night to not sponsor this game. I’m pretty sure I got called for targeting just watching this game. Nothing is funnier than the refs absolutely annoyed tone announcing the fourth ejection.

That’s all for me. What do you guys have?

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