New Year, New Look, New Us?

When we came back last August, we had great plans for taking The Message Pitch to the next level. We had momentum, we had energy, and we had your support and reception.

Like all things post-March 2020, sometimes plans go off course. It did for us.

My last “Things I Think We Learned” column was back in early October. My last column in general was late October. We still did our podcast, and even our Bowl Special, but we had to make some sacrifices to keep The Message Pitch brand going, and we decided to let the website take a backseat for a minute.

Matt took a new endeavor in his personal life. Will did too. Me, I got done dirty by some of the crud going around.

I never had COVID-19, but I did catch and battle a bacterial sinus and respiratory deal for about three weeks in September. And then caught another bug in October and battled it for a couple of weeks. It was not a good time.

We took some time off, sat down and tried to regroup. We wanted to make decisions that would propel us to our version of success into the new year. That required some retooling of how we appeared to you, the sports fan.

We’re going in a different direction with this site. You expect better, and our last look was very rudimentary in my estimation. So we’re working on improving that.

Meaning, you’re also probably noticing some changes to the site. Our last look just didn’t work. It was a good transitory look, a Mike Shula look if you will, but not what we wanted to convey permanently. So we’ve upgraded that, and we hope you enjoy it. We’re already pleased with what we’ve seen so far.

We’re also going to unveil a new logo in the next couple weeks, one that embraces our past, a truly great era in sports and pop culture, and where we want to go in the future.

Other than cosmetic changes, you can still expect the same blend of sports and pop culture we’ve continued to bring you here at TMP. Will is still going to wonder if the Dolphins will ever get it together, Matt is still going to wonder why he was simultaneously blessed and cursed to be a Philadelphia sports fan, and I’m still going to just wonder.

Here’s to a better 2022 for all of us, and we thank you for being part of the ride.

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