Money Talks, and the Phillies Are Speaking Loud and Clear

A few weeks ago I experienced Vegas for the very first time. As someone who is frugal and very selective with his spendings, I set aside a small amount of cash that I would gamble at the casinos. I set a daily limit for myself and once it was gone, it was gone and there would be no repeat trips to the ATM. I started off only placing the minimum bets, taking advantage of the free drinks and just trying to break even.

Let me tell you my friends that is no way to live life. It was at a blackjack table and a couple of glasses of wine in when I heard a phrase that changed my philosophy. My cousin after winning on a big hand uttered, “scared money don’t make money.” In other words, if you want to win big you have to be willing to put more chips on the table. You can’t win big playing the minimum. 

Certainly, the cabernet was an influence but I felt more loose increasing my bets. I got on a heater and had tripled my earnings at one point. I would have understood if the pit boss suspected me of counting cards. They probably thought me having to do the math in my head every hand was all an act. 

Eventually, the hot streak cooled and the next day the surplus turned into a deficit. I’ll tell you though the ride was worth it and that Saturday in Vegas was an experience I’ll never forget. 

I tell you this because my Phillies have had the same revelation. 

Gone are the off-seasons of the Phillies living in fear of the luxury tax while other big market teams embraced it. The additions of Kyle Schwarber and Nick Castellanos have the city of Philadelphia buzzing like its 2008 all over again.

The Rams will never draft in the 1st round again but they just won the Super Bowl by going all in with Stafford, OBJ and Von Miller. You can’t live in fear. Phillies ownership have taken note. 

Does this mean the Phillies will be parading down Broad Street in November? Not likely. The bullpen is about as intimidating as the Care Bears and their lack of regard for their defense would make Chip Kelly blush. 

However, this is a lineup that will RAKE. You have 4 guys that can hit 30+ home runs(Schwarber, Castellanos, Harper, Hoskins).

There’s no pitching around Harper anymore. You have to pick your poison. We’re in for a summer of 16-14 final scores and I am all for it. There will be dingers for days. There will be 9th inning implosions by the bullpen leading to 12th inning walk off heroics. 

Ownership deciding to spend has also bought them another weapon. The Philadelphia faithful. I am telling you now the Phillies will lead the league in attendance this Summer. This team will feed off the crowd and for the visitors a 4 game series in South Philly will feel like an eternity.

Its easy to say since its not my money but the way I see it the luxury tax is a small price to pay. 

The Braves are rightfully favored in this division but a sleeping giant has awoken and it isn’t the Mets. Its the never the Mets. Philadelphia has embraced their fear like “The Batman.” This isn’t the Phillies of the last 10 years anymore. This is vengeance.  

A new hand is about to be dealt and the Phillies aren’t light with their chips anymore. Screw you Manfred but bring on Opening Day!

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