Things I Think We Learned: College Football ‘22 Week 1

Wall-to-wall football for five straight days? Sign me up. Man, that was fun. It felt good to be able to sit down and watch games all through the weekend, and while I sat and watched, I had a few thoughts. And I bring them to you now.

– I called on the podcast last week that the Bryan Kelly hiring at LSU would go one of two ways: Either he would win some games he shouldn’t and scrap his way to a decent season…or they would be fighting Auburn for last in the SEC West. After whatever that was Sunday night, things certainly don’t look good. I think he may be a fish out of water, but I also think he could do okay if they give him enough time. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen anymore. Here’s to a rebound this weekend for the Bayou Bengals, because that SEC West is going to be brutal.

– I also mentioned on the podcast that I didn’t understand why Auburn went with TJ Finley over Robby Ashford as the starter at quarterback. Granted, it was against Mercer (DA BEARS), but when Ashford took over, it seemed to bring an energy that the Tigers have been lacking the last year or so. Who knows what happens against Penn State in two weeks, but you’d have to think they’ll give him more reps against San Jose State. And while there were jokes about Auburn winning the trade with Oregon (Ashford is an UO transfer) I think we need to consider the talent level of who Auburn played in mind, compared to who Bo Nix and Oregon faced.

– “Faced” being a loose term, in this case. Oregon looked abysmal. Yeah, Georgia’s good. I’m not sure they’re that good. I never want to pick on a player (they’re 18-22 year old kids, mostly) but Bo Nix has not made the step from high school athlete to D-I, Power Five QB yet, let alone from last year to this year. He still rolls out of the pocket too early, still forces passes that he shouldn’t, and still tries to do too much. I know some believe Nix should have stuck it out after claiming to be an “Auburn man,” but honestly, it looks like it may be best for all parties that he took his talents to the west coast. He and Auburn get a clean start…and while Saturday looked rough, the PAC-12 figures to be easier. If he’s willing to work and adapt his game, he could have a decent year.

– I can’t believe Utah State held Alabama to 55 points Saturday. The Crimson Tide is going to have to buckle down if they want to beat Ohio State by 75 instead of 50 in the natty. To put it lightly, unless Austin aficionados Joe Rogan, Matthew McConaughey and Bevo suit up and play, coach, and ref, Texas doesn’t have a chance Saturday.

– Speaking of Ohio State, this is one of the few times in my lifetime I felt Notre Dame played worthy of their high ranking. They simply held the Buckeyes in check for most of the game, and while they couldn’t get the points they needed to win, I was impressed. Meanwhile, I think Ohio State is cruising for THE beat down of a lifetime if they make the playoffs.

– Rough weekend for kickers, wasn’t it? LSU’s kicker had his line get beat to block the extra point that would’ve sent the game to overtime, and East Carolina had a full on LACES OUT moment. It’s a high-pressure position, and if one element of many go wrong, it can all go wrong. No one cares about the kicker until the game is on the line, which is a bit unfair. Besides, without kickers, we’d have no Pat McAfee. I think I’ve made my point.

– Florida surprised, but I wonder how much of that was the team, and how much of it was the effects of the heat and humidity of Florida in late summer. I still think Utah is pretty good.

– I know they lost, but App. State is a fun program to watch. 40 points in the fourth quarter is amazing. Shame it ended in a loss.

On to week two!

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