Matt’s NFL Review Week Three – By Drew

(ED. NOTE: As we said in our CFB ‘22 Things We Think We’ve Learned, we swapped this week; Matt took Drew’s normal article when Drew couldn’t, and Drew as a show of thanks, took Matt’s NFL Review article. It’s not a permanent thing, but changing it up every so often shows our teamwork and versatility. We think.)

It was a crazy week in the world of pro football, and I think we have a small enough sample size to see some teams that may be for real, and some that may need to go ahead and start planning for next year. Obviously, anything can change in the NFL, but some teams are headed for a rocky season ahead if things don’t change quick.

The Bucs looked very average on Sunday. How average? Average enough that Tom Brady better get his assistant to plan a non-championship trip to Disney World in the near future if things don’t turn around. Sure, he didn’t have his top three receiving weapons, but what happens if that occurs in the playoffs? How does he push the Bucs ahead? We’ll have to see.

Meanwhile, the Packers with Aaron Rodgers continue to be one of the most infuriating teams in the NFL; lose to Kirk Cousins and the Vikings, bring Tom Brady and the Bucs back to earth. Which one’s more the median here? Who knows. I still expect a playoff exit that doesn’t bring a Lombardi Trophy home.

I’m not sure how Miami keeps winning, but I do love it. Impressive, impressive win over Buffalo, especially considering the fact the Dolphins barely had the ball on offense. To be the only undefeated team left in the AFC is a great surprise, and selfishly, I hope it stays that way.**

**(ED. NOTE: We realize this was published after the Dolphins lost to the Bengals on Sept. 29; these were the thoughts of the author regarding the week three games. Travel for work postponed the publication until Sept. 30.)

Jalen Hurts is looking more and more like the real deal. And unless they have to play the Dolphins, I can get behind this Eagles team. There was one play in particular that really caught my attention: in a goal line situation, Hurts could have easily tucked the football in and run in for an easy six. Instead, he stood in the pocket, and rifled a pass on his receiver could catch—which he did. Jalen of old couldn’t have done it, which means Hurts may be a legit dual threat quarterback now. And that’s scary.

The Cowboys just seem to keep pressing along. I wondered how Cooper Rush would do, and so far, not so bad. We’ll see if it lasts, but they don’t look to have fallen off too bad to have lost a star QB. He’s certainly missed, but this may be a good team in the making.

Poor Lions. At least they waited until the fourth quarter to blow the lead.

And the Falcons didn’t!

That’s all from me; thanks for playing along and expect Matt back next week!

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