Matt’s Soundtrack of Quarantine

While medical experts continue to push for a cure for the Covid-19 pandemic that has shaken the world, I have turned to music as a remedy for the summer blues in my solitude. My Apple Music is all over the place, from DMX to George Strait to John Cougar Mellencamp to Michelle Branch. You can find just about anything for any occasion. Better days are ahead and I feel the below playlist reflects that notion. Here is some music I have discovered(new and old) during my time in quarantine. Hope you enjoy!

  1. Call to Love-Jimmy Eat World (feat. Bethany Cosentino)– Jimmy Eat World is one the bands of my childhood that I feel hasn’t strayed too far from their break out album “Bleed American.”This single is catchy and the music video consists of the artists performing in quarantine.
  2. Until I Fall Away- Gin Blossoms– One of the most underrated bands of 90’s, the Gin Blossoms just pump out nostalgia through the speakers. This single in particular was not their biggest but is just as good as “Hey Jealousy” and “Found Out About You.”
  3. Run Runaway(Radio Edit)- Slade– I discovered this from an episode of Prime’s “Red Oaks.” If you have not seen it, I highly recommend if you have a subscription. Its only 3 seasons but its a feel good series with plenty of laughs.
  4. Real Long Time- White Reaper– I discovered the band during quarantine and when I first heard them I thought they were a band from the UK. It turns out they are American, based out of Louisville. This single in particular has a catchy chorus and a feel good vibe. I imagine this song being played once everything goes back to normal and we are reunited with our friends and family because its been a real long time.
  5. Take Me to Texas- George Strait– You don’t have to be from the Lone Star state to feel the Texas pride from the King of Country in this tune. This song has been around for a few years now and is played in the end credits of the History Channel’s, “Texas Rising”, which can also be viewed on Prime. The series is based on the Texas Revolution but is not even close to being factually accurate. Still a good watch with a noticeable cast.
  6. And We Danced- The Hooters– This song randomly appeared on my suggested playlist on YouTube and I’m glad it did. Another song I feel appropriate to blare once the world reopens.
  7. Caution- The Killers– Another band from my high school years that is still pumping out quality music. This song has an uplifting beat and perhaps the line that best reflects everyones current mood. “If I don’t get out….out of this town, I might just be the one to burn it down.”
  8. All That’s Left is Love– Angels and Airwaves- Its becoming more and more clear that Tom Delonge was a bigger part of Blink 182’s success than we thought. The guy knows how to write music and lyrics. Don’t let the immaturity from his past and his infatuation with aliens fool you. This is one intelligent and talented guy.
  9. Take Back the Power– Raury- Another band I honestly know nothing about. This song came up as a suggestion and honestly gets the adrenaline pumping. I put this song at the top of my workout playlist before my long runs.
  10. Roller Coaster- Blink-182– A middle school anthem for me that still reminds me of the days of acne, being socially awkward with the girls in my study hall and getting pumped for “Arena Football Friday” in PE. One of Blink’s underrated songs in opinion.

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