Howie Did We Get Here? Eagles GM on the Clock for the Birds Going into Offseason.

I’ve seen everything in 2020. My Eagles played the Cowboys in a late December game with playoff implications and I found myself needing (throws up in mouth) Dallas to win.

This division is 3rd and California(bad Jesse Palmer reference) from catching up to the rest of the league. Divisions like the AFC North and NFC West are playing on All-Madden. The NFC East is trying to figure out why their controller won’t sync to the console.

And in this travesty of a division the Philadelphia Eagles stand the worst of the worst following their blowout loss to the Cowboys. When you further diagnose what happened to this Super Bowl winning organization just three years removed its clear this was destined to happen.

We didn’t get the best version of Doug Pederson this year, but General Manager Howie Roseman is the most deserving for blame with his countless misfires in the draft room.

Anyone that casually followed college football saw the athleticism and freak of nature DK Metcalf was coming out of Ole Miss in 2019, even coming off a neck injury. The Eagles were slotted to draft him but instead drafted JJ Arcega-Whiteside. A cool name for a law firm. A curse word amongst Eagles fans.

Roseman’s reasoning behind the pick? He reminded him of Alshon Jeffrey. The Eagles don’t win the Super Bowl without Jeffrey but Jeffrey dreams about having Metcalf’s abilities. As for J-JAW? He has been a healthy scratch most of his career in favor of players like Travis Fulgham, who wasn’t even drafted.

No worries. We can redeem ourselves and draft Justin Jefferson, who somehow fell to into the 20’s in the 2020 draft. NOT!! We’ll respectfully decline on the guy that just broke Randy Moss’s rookie record for a guy who can run a fast 40 but accomplished little else in the college ranks.

You know who showed blistering speed? The Vikings GM to the podium after the Eagles passed on the best value pick in the draft.  

Hindsight is 20/20 and its easy to be critical years later but these are franchise altering miscues. Playing the hypothetical game here but I guarantee you Carson Wentz is still the starting QB if his top two receivers are Metcalf and Jefferson. There have been some good value picks from Roseman (Miles Sanders and Dallas Goedert) but the bad vastly outweigh the good.

Here we are now just starting on the Wentz debacle. The decline we’ve seen from Wentz is the same decline Charles Barkley had after the Mon-Stars swiped his talent for their showdown with the Toon Squad. Sudden and out of this world.

I’m no Wentz apologist. He managed to be outplayed by QB’s like Dwayne Haskins, Ben Dinucci and Daniel Jones. That should never happen under any circumstances. However, with the receiving and o-line depth he’s had the past 2 years its amazing he lasted this long.

Now the keys have been handed to Hurts for the time being. Did Roseman salvage his 2020 draft with that pick? To be determined.  

Hurts had moments of brilliance and moments of rookie blemishes. To be expected. He’s at least earned a shot at the starting job next season. He has the attitude of a winning QB and one that appears to be more coachable. Disposing of Wentz won’t be easy with his gargantuan contract. Their best bet is to recalibrate Wentz and hope this year was an outlier, if the damage is even repairable.

So begins the biggest offseason in recent memory for the Eagles. It starts with hitting in this next draft on a team of deteriorating talent. Having a top 10 pick means you should draft an impact player. Roseman must hit it out of the park this year or else.

The Cowboys did Philly a favor Sunday afternoon. It let the Eagles turn their attention to the draft board while Dallas focuses on making to the playoffs for a chance to be eliminated by Tampa or LA in the 1st round. Don’t screw this up again, Howie. Time is ticking.

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