Matt’s NFL Observations – Week 1

Week one of the NFL season is in the books with no shortage of storylines. There were blowouts, upsets, nail biters and the Mannings stealing the show again on Monday Night Football. Here are my reactions from an action packed beginning of the season:

– Am I showing my bias if I start with the Eagles? I don’t care. **Presses play to John Mellencamp’s “Hurts So Good”** What an impressive display by Jalen Hurts on Sunday. He was poised, accurate and dangerous with his legs. It was one game against a hapless Atlanta team but an encouraging start to the season. One thing is for sure. This Eagles team is not the worst in the NFC East (*cough…cough…Giants…cough…cough*). 

– Big win for the Dolphins in Foxboro. I think it was a game Tua desperately needed to show he can lead this team and silence the Deshaun Watson speculation. An impressive first showing by Mac Jones as well. This division is going to be a dogfight all year. Minus the Jets of course. 

– It was an encouraging return for Dak who nearly pulled off the opening night upset of the Bucs. One thing I didn’t like though was his play calling in the red zone. Running the option with your fresh-off-a-major-injury QB is usually not a recipe for success. We’ll see if this Dallas team is for real next week against an underrated Chargers team. 

– In the event you made the mistake of not listening to our NFL preview episode, I mentioned Jameis Winston as a Comeback Player of the Year candidate. At least for one week Winston proved me right throwing for five touchdowns against the Packers. If he can improve his decision making and turnovers, the Saints could march back to the top of this division. 

-Again, in case you hate good content and missed our NFL preview episode, I mentioned the Steelers as my AFC North favorite because of their defense. Well, how about that defense going into Buffalo and allowing only one touchdown to Josh Allen and company? Impressive opening statement from Mike Tomlin. 

– I realize Will has some disdain towards the city of Cincinnati. I am here to offer an olive branch by saying this Bengals team is actually not terrible. Joe Burrow looked back to his old self before his injury and Ja’Marr Chase proved he can catch an NFL football. The Steelers Browns and Ravens will get the spotlight but Cincy is no push over this year.

– The grass isn’t always greener on the other side—unless your name is Matt Stafford. The LA Rams may sport the best offense in the NFC this year. On the flip side Jared Goff might be a part of the worst Lions team since their 0-16 year. Crazy what a difference a year makes.

– Monday Night Football was a smashing success. No, not because the game went into OT but because the Manning brothers are the commentators the world has been needing. ESPN has failed mostly these past few years but they may finally have gotten this one right.

On to Week 2!!!

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