Football scrimmage

Things I Think We Learned: CFB Week 2

It was a crazy weekend for yours truly, so keeping track of the weekend’s games consisted of catching bits where I could and games that were on in the places I was. It was still enough to give me some things to think about, and hopefully you too.

– I try not to laugh when setbacks happen to people, but when the people are Ohio State, it’s hard not to. Good on Oregon, and hopefully that does us for another year of the usual Ohio State bluster-and-bounce-out-early in whatever important bowl game they go to. THE Outback Bowl is calling.

– Well, Clay Helton is done. I’m not sure what to make of USC as a program. Ten years ago it was a dream job. Now, it’s like Miami. So much potential and hope for a return to the glory days. But for now, getting boat raced by an unranked underdog will crash a program quickly, and USC is back to square one.

– Mercer putting up 14 on Alabama has me nervous that the Crimson Tide will only win the National Title by four touchdowns now instead of five.

– Sleeper game of the week this week? Has to be Ole Miss hosting Tulane. Both can score points, both waxed a lesser opponent this weekend after impressive performances in Week One, and both should finish ahead of LSU in the SEC West.

– Speaking of the Bayou Bengals, it was nice to see them come out on top of the Orgeron Bowl. Father beat son as McNeese State quarterback Cody Orgeron couldn’t quite get the Cowboys past LSU, dropping the contest 34-7, but still a cool moment.

– Texas A&M looked like it should think about swapping conferences with Colorado for about three quarters of that game. I know their starting quarterback went down, but I’m really having my doubts about how good they are and may ever be under Jimbo.

– Talk about a tale of two teams. I watched UAB dismantle Jacksonville State in person two weeks ago. Flash forward two weeks, and UAB struggled against UGA’s backups while Jacksonville State pulled off one the craziest upsets I’ve seen in a while. I get that FSU isn’t UGA, but still.

– Also, how far in the hole is FSU?

– I didn’t see Tennessee losing to Pitt, did you? Still a ways to go up on Rocky Top. But I still think it’s best for the SEC for UT to be a power. The real UT.

– Speaking of UT and the SEC, what a rude awakening for Texas. I know it’s the first year under a new coach, but playing SEC teams isn’t going to get easier. I still think you should keep an eye out for Arkansas this year. Sam Pittman appears to have things headed in the right direction in Fayetteville. It’s only one game, but it’s a far cry from the last few years.

That’s what I think, anyway. What about you?

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