Things I Think We Learned – CFB Week 6

So, wow.

I don’t really know where to begin, because we saw a lot of craziness last weekend. So I’ll just go stream of consciousness, which is what I do anyways.

– LSU is terrible. Kentucky is good. Like second best in the SEC East good. But LSU is terrible. They may be the worst team in the West. I know they beat State, but gees. At this point, I think Matt nailed it on the head (…and I guess Will too…) that Coach O may be in hot water, and may not keep his job through the end of the season. It’s almost Gene Chizik 2.0. Good dude, but the wheels have fallen off.

– Vanderbilt is in shambles. I’m not sure they win another game all year. And honestly, I’m not sure they keep another one close. Either Clark Lea isn’t getting it together like they had hoped, or the program was in that bad of shape when he took over. I’m leaning toward a little of both. Thank goodness for baseball.

– Back to Kentucky…is anyone else kind of holding their breath that they win the East? Aside from South Carolina for a brief second, it’s been the Georgia-Florida-Tennessee show in that division, and it would be nice to see a great season by a perennial underdog rewarded with a chance to win a conference title in football. Will it happen? Not likely. Would it be a great story? You bet.

– Georgia might actually be that good. The only way to describe the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry’s latest contest was a simple show of brute strength. The Dawgs outmuscled Auburn, and that defense is pretty stout. Can they win the big one though? This was the closest thing they’ve had to a big game, and even then it was still a No. 2 vs No. 16 matchup. I think we all know that until UGA beats a certain other team in the conference, the title talk is still all conjecture. But I’m a little more sold than I was.

– Good on Iowa. Big time game, and they came up big. Penn State losing Clifford certainly affected the outcome, but the Hawkeyes came up big and made the plays they needed to to win the game. I think most of the country could get behind a Hawkeyes national title…but we’re a long way off and have a lot of miles ahead before we can think about that.

– Ohio State is lurking just outside the playoff four. If they don’t make it, I’ll be shocked. Do they deserve it? No. Does it matter? Not to the shareholders who need the markets.

– How do you blow a 15-point lead to a team that plays no defense? I thought for a second Texas had it. But alas, it wasn’t meant to be. Both programs are following the money to the SEC…but how long are the boosters and support groups going to put up with 9-4 and 8-5 seasons? Because that’s where it’s headed if they don’t shore up some defense soon. Just ask Texas A&….wait a minute.

– So let’s talk about it. You know, the game. I did not see much, but when I saw that Texas A&M had a double-digit lead on Alabama, I thought the same thing you did: “There’s no way this holds.” But it did. And give all the credit to A&M. This team came out and absolutely outplayed the best team in the country. I said a couple of times on the podcast I thought they were a team circling the drain, and that Jimbo Fisher was a few more losses away from the hot seat. Not anymore, buddy. That seat is gold-plated and outlined in diamonds after knocking off the No. 1 team in the country. It seemed like a great moment for that program and fan base, so good for them. On the other side of the field, Alabama looked shaky, especially on defense. I think losing to an unranked team, with a former Saban assistant at the helm, is a wake up call to this squad. They’ve been given a great opportunity; they only fell to No. 5, which is incredibly fortunate. All it takes is someone stubbing their toe, and they’re back in. And I don’t see them losing again, so you have to think they’re a lock for the West. They, in a way, control their own destiny, and I think they’ll play with something to prove.

All that to say: I would not want to be Mississippi State this Saturday.

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