Matt’s Summer Review – Texas Style

School is back in session and so too is The Message Pitch. There is a lot to catch up on my end, so without further waste here is what I have been up to these past few months:

We had our official Message Pitch Reunion Tour Texas-style when Drew, Will and part-time correspondent Jordan all came and crashed at the Matt-Cave for a few days in June. We had our fix of breakfast tacos and BBQ and toured the sites from the Alamo to 6th Street in Austin. Will brought the plague with him—and graciously passed it along to me—and for 24 hours a reenactment of the Texas Revolution broke out in my stomach. I will spare further details but let’s just say my white blood cells said “Come and Take It” and this stomach bug proceeded to cometh and take everything and some.   

I ended up joining my first recreational leagues since the pandemic. I landed on a men’s slow-pitch softball team where I am more of an asset in the outfield than I am with my bat, so basically Jeff Francoeur. My batting average is slightly better than our team’s win percentage. We’ve won three games all Summer. One more win though, and we will pass the Nationals in the NL East standings.

Not to be outdone, the sand volleyball team I joined has won a total of two matches this summer. We are an expansion team of free agents who have come together to collectively become a BYE week for every other opposing team—so basically the Houston Texans. There is sand all in my truck and in my bathroom no matter how thorough I rinse myself off.

I have become so accustomed to losing that I have reached out to Jets and Giants fans for proper guidance.

It has not all been bad. The Phillies are back in playoff contention for the first time since the Herbert Hoover administration. The Eagles look poised to make a run at the NFC East. The Flyers…..well, a new Dunkin’ opened up just down the street from me.  

And the best is yet to come.

The Message Pitch is gearing back up and we are eager to talk football, the hunt for October and the eclipse of all four major sports leagues being active quickly approaching.

There will be dry humor. There will be outrageous game picks. There will be discrediting of Tom Brady accomplishments.

All of this and more.

So buckle up, Buttercup. The boys are back. 

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