We’re Back Again: A Letter from the Editor

It’s almost college football season, so you know what that means.

I mean yes, it is the one time of the year where ESPN and CBS become household watching once again, but more importantly, it means it’s time for another season of The Message Pitch Podcast.

“But Drew,” you say, “You wrote a heartfelt and incredibly poignant letter from the editor to us, telling us you guys were back and you weren’t going away again.”

And I remind you that you are right, I did write that. And for the first six weeks of college football, we were on it. We dipped into the NFL and even to the baseball playoff race

And as I also told you once we fell off, we all either got sick or had major life-changing events take hold, and unfortunately, took our attention away from this. 

We came back in January for Super Bowl coverage and gave it as good as we could, but again, life gets in the way. 

And that’s when we all came to a realization. It’s not so much that life gets in the way, it’s that we acknowledge our limits and go back to what we set out to do: have fun, and broadcast three guys talking about sports and pop culture. The Message Pitch is an outlet for us as much as it is you, and to try and overextend ourselves and its reach is to do it, ourselves, and you, a disservice. 

Each of the three of us are in various stages of professional careers, personal lives, and the like. And when we set out to make The Message Pitch a thing in 2019, we kept it simple. So we’re going to do that again. 

We’ll keep the site going, and like we said back in January, we’re working to improve its look and functionality. Much like the second Willis Alan Ramsey album, I’m sure it seems to you like it’s more of a hope than a happening, but we are actively working to get it there. 

We’re going to focus on what we love, and what you love. We love all of the sports, but trying to cover it all both on the podcast and on the site with the time we have is too big an undertaking. So we’re going to stick with college football, the NFL, baseball, and pop culture. We’ll cover the NBA and NHL playoffs and of course March Madness and the Olympics as they happen, but we know the majority of our readers don’t care about how the Flyers are doing or if the Sacramento Kings will ever not be the KANGZ. There are dedicated blogs for things like that, made up of people who are better at covering those sports and teams than we are. 

So we’ll focus on what we’re good at, and look forward to the excitement that comes with the fall and its sports. I look forward to sitting in a cheap seat, watching the twilight as rays of a closing afternoon give way to the lights of a stadium on those Saturdays when whether you go with shorts or long pants you’re wrong. And I’m going to watch as a fan, and write as a fan. 

We thank you for staying with us, and we’re excited about getting back to making the main thing, the main thing, as a 5-5 coach would say after an embarrassing loss to Mississippi State. We know this isn’t a full time deal, we’re not SBNation or Saturdays Down South, or whatever the SEC Network is. 

We’re an evening out with your friends, or hot wings at a tailgate. A respite if you will, not a career or a lifestyle. And we’re glad you’re here with us. 

Here’s to y’all, y’all. 

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