Matt’s NFL Week 7 Review

I’ll be honest, I didn’t watch as much football as I would on a normal Fall weekend. My attention instead was turned to those Fightin’ Phils in South Philadelphia winning the NL pennant. We are not worthy, Bryce Harper. I know they won’t be favored against the ‘Stros but I’m still riding that high like Space Mountain. Got to find a streetlight to climb and a police horse to punch! Anyway, here is what stood to me in the Week 7 NFL action:

– In what was supposed to be the game of the weekend, the 49ers Chiefs matchup did not live up to the billing. Jimmy G is not Patrick Mahomes. No shocker there but the San Francisco defense had no answers and Kansas City ruined Christian McCaffery’s debut. I still think the 49ers are a team to watch if they can get healthy, but they have not been able to put it together this year. It still wouldn’t shock me if they knock out the Cowboys again this year. Meanwhile, Andy Reid and his Chiefs have refocused and are doing their part to keep pace with the Bills. I would not want to have this team on the schedule right now.

– Dak is back and the Cowboys disposed of the Lions at home in a pretty boring matchup. All you crazy kids that said Cooper Rush should keep the starting job just need to watch the tape of the Eagles game as a reminder that the guy doesn’t have an NFL arm. Is Dak overpaid? Absolutely, but he is a Top 15 quarterback in this league. He didn’t light up the stat sheet Sunday, but he is their best bet if they are going to make a run in the playoffs.

– The Lions bandwagon has come to a screeching halt. After having the top offense in the league for the first month of the season they have gone ice cold. Detroit coming off a bye looked lifeless against the Cowboys. De’andre Swift being hurt has not helped but he’s not exactly a game changer either. They’re not biting kneecaps right now. More like giving opposing teams a neck massage these past few weeks while they coast to victory. Dan Campbell has his hands full but deserves the time to see if he can turn it around.

– It did not go well for the Bays this weekend. Aaron Rodgers was outclassed by Taylor Heinicke and the Commanders. Not to be outdone, Brady and the Bucs were almost shutout by the Carolina Panthers. Yikes. I know some people will say “Any given Sunday” but these are two teams playing their backup QBs that have no business beating two HOF quarterbacks. No excuse. That being said, I love to see it.

– Tampa somehow remains in first place in the division thanks to the NFC South being as formidable as a wicker basket of puppies (aka the new NFC East). The Packers fell further behind the Vikings, who were on a bye last week. The NFC is wide open this year but neither of these teams look to be a contender right now.

– While the Bays are in turmoil, the teams from New York are prospering. No, not the Yankees or Mets(LOL). Watch out for the Giants and the Jets. The G-Men escaped with a victory from Jacksonville thanks to the legs of Saquon Barkley and Daniel Jones. Brian Daboll continues his impressive campaign and just goes to show how much good coaching can catapult a team. The Jets went into Denver and squeaked out a victory themselves. It came at a price as Breece Hall went down with a knee injury, but the front office was quick to act in trading for James Robinson. The Jets are serious about this season. I need to see more from Zach Wilson before I can get behind this team but they have exceeded expectations.

– The Bengals might be back. Pick your poison with that receiving corps and the defense is stepping up now too. The AFC North is there for the taking.

-I respect what Matt Ryan has accomplished in his career. Carson Wentz was a better quarterback with the Colts. Now it’s Sam Ehlinger’s time. Is Nick Foles really not a better option?

– The Titans are beginning to pull away in the AFC South. Can Tannehill make the most of this run? Signs point to no.

– I don’t know what to make of this Ravens team. They have given some games away but did beat the Bengals and Browns to stay at the top of the AFC North. They aren’t on the same level as the Chiefs and Bills though.

– The Browns are about to give a Top 10 pick to the Texans. The Texans are giving themselves a top 10 pick as well.

– The Broncos also may be giving away a top 10 pick to the Seahawks this year. Next is a trip to London to take on the Jags. A winnable game but they’ll need a better and healthy Russell Wilson.

– The Seahawks lead the NFC West after 7 weeks like we all thought they would. Geno Smith is my pick for Comeback Player of the Year.

– I picked the Chargers as my Super Bowl pick. Not looking good.

– The Raiders won another game. Josh Jacobs is playing at a high level. I still don’t think the ceiling is high with this team.

– Good to see Tua back. Not good to see him diving headfirst for first downs. The guy is a gamer, but he must be smarter because this team can’t win without him.

– Kenny Pickett threw 3 interceptions Sunday Night. He better make better decisions next week or the Eagles will have 3 interceptions in the first quarter.

Week 8 here we come!

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