Things I Think We Learned: CFB’ 22 Week 8

All in all, kind of a quiet week of football. It appears most teams took care of business and those that didn’t were either off or didn’t have many expectations anyway. Here are a few selected thoughts:

– I don’t see how alcohol sales in and around Starkville aren’t through the roof. This team is either a world beater or they couldn’t beat us in a scrimmage. It’s shame, because Will Rodgers is a talent, but they had no shot to beat Alabama following the Tennessee game.

-I still don’t know what to make out of Alabama. They’re gonna kill Bye next week, though. Word we got was Saban had the team running drills to avoid an upset.

– Speaking of Bye, Auburn squeaked by them this past week. Good on the Tigers to come out of the weekend without a loss.

– TCU has the coolest mascot in college football, and they may actually be a contender. Here’s hoping this great story keeps going.

– Syracuse should’ve beaten Clemson. If you’re a conspiracy theorist *cough* Will *cough* it seemed things started going against the ‘Cuse as the game got tighter. Clemson may also have a QB controversy. Good thing the ACC is what it is.

That’s what I’ve got for now. I’ll dig deeper next week. On to week nine!

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