Introducing the Game On Series

The year was 1998 when my life changed for the better. 

We were never allowed to own a video game console in my first 10 years of life. My Mom was afraid of the effects it would have on our schoolwork and chores and that we would end up a drain on society. My siblings and I had to play Nintendo at our neighbor’s house and question why Santa loved our friends more than us.

Then the day came where my parents finally broke down—courtesy of my brother and me. We had convinced them to buy us a PlayStation in exchange for extra chores and good behavior.

I remember my Dad taking us to Gamestop to pick out our first game. My brother and I decided on NHL 99, a game franchise we still play to this day. The seeds were planted that day that blossomed two of the biggest goons you will find on Xbox Live today. 

And as for my mom’s concerns I would grow up to be a failure? I’m a 32-year-old college graduate working as a Supply Chain professional and contributor to an up-and-coming sports podcast. 

How do you like them apples, Madre?

I tell you this story because the real story is not the campaign mode that you find yourself lost in on a lazy Saturday. It’s the stories you create organically with your friends and family that make video games so successful and enjoyable. 

We want to hear your stories at The Message Pitch. That is why it is with great excitement and anticipation that we announce October as the beginning of the “Game On Series,” where we review our favorite games from all consoles that shaped our childhood and the games that keep us young as we approach our impending mid-life crisis.

More to come in the following days. To quote Super Mario, “Here we go!!”

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